Susannah McGowan

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Susannah's Story

After starting her career in educational development at CNDLS from 2001-2007, Susannah earned a Ph.D. in Education and worked at University College London and King’s College London in England. While at King’s, she co-established King’s Academy in 2017, a center for educational development supporting integral programs for faculty and graduate students around inclusive pedagogy, assessment, and blended learning.

She also works as an advisory fellow of the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving equity and student success through course design innovations. Her research interests include threshold concepts in disciplines, students as partners work, and sustainable educational development as a driver for institutional change.

In her current role at the Red House, she is the co-director for the Enhancing and Transforming the Core Initiative. She also contributes to curriculum design and program evaluation projects.