Forging new connections among educators to support first generation and lower-income students

The Pivotal Messenger

Though we are a network meant for educators specifically, our ultimate objective is to increase the educational opportunity and success for all students. And those students have a major asset that can assist us in this work… their stories. That’s why we call these students involved, both directly and indirectly, with The Pivotal Network our ‘Pivotal Messengers’.

Who better to give us insight on how to improve support systems for students than the students themselves? The student narrative has the potential to inform teaching practices and offer insight to the cultural competency needed to better serve underrepresented students throughout the college application process. 

These same narratives have the power to also shape the way institutions provide support and senses of belonging to students as well. By listening and providing an outlet for the stories of Pivotal Messengers, we can use the student message as a resource to alleviate undermatching in higher education.

Value of
The Pivotal Network
for Students

  • Improve the quality of their classroom education through the enhanced pedagogical practices of the Pivotal Educators.
  • Raise their college aspirations and success by increasing their opportunity to gain awareness of the educational opportunities for students from a shared background and improving the mentoring/counseling practices of the Pivotal Educators.
  • Improve their sense of belonging in higher education by allowing them to serve as role models for younger students from their high school.
  • Facilitate their desire to “pay-it-forward” in appreciation of the contributions their home community played in their success.

Got a Story to Share?

We would love to hear it! We appreciate and value your story both as high school students and undergraduates. If you are a student who’s interested in learning more about The Pivotal Network, or would like to share your student experience with us, please feel free to send us an email! 

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