Sherry Linkon

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Sherry's Story

Sherry came to Georgetown in 2012 to lead the University’s Writing Program. Trained in American Studies, her research and teaching involve two main areas: humanities pedagogy and working-class studies. As one of the founders and the long-time co-director of the Center for Working-Class Studies at Youngstown State University, she helped to develop a wide range of programs, from community reading groups to academic conferences, collaborative and community-centered research, and working with community partners to develop oral histories, teaching guides, and online and traveling exhibits. 

She has written three books and edited several others, including Teaching Working Class, which explores the experiences of working-class students in higher education as well as ideas about how to teach about class. She also edits a weekly blog, Working-Class Perspectives, which reaches readers around the world with commentaries on working-class culture, education, and politics. 

During her 22 years in Youngstown, Ohio, she worked with community groups, churches, teachers, and unions to engage people of all ages in conversations about local history, economic justice, social change, and cultural diversity and inequity.