Carla Ayala

Los Angeles, California

Carla's Story

Carla Ayala is a History and Spanish teacher at the Math, Science, and Technology Academy at Roosevelt High School. She has also worked as a Bilingual Education Teacher, creating courses at the UC level for high school students. Carla Ayala attended the University of California, Los Angeles and attained her Bachelors in History with a minor in LGBTQ Studies (’13) and a Masters in Education (’16). She is dedicated to creating a classroom space where the students take an active role in their education, a space to reimagine a world that allows healing, growth, and is more humanizing, and uplifting. Her history class is a space for students to explore their whole identities and feel seen.


“There’s no such thing as neutral education. Education either functions as an instrument to bring about conformity or freedom.” ― Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paolo Freire

Teaching Discipline(s)

History and Spanish


Mighty Rough Rider Award

2019 Nomination for LAUSD teacher of the year 2020-2021