Aris Pangilian

Washington, DC

Aris's Story

Aris Pangilinan, also known as Mr. P, grew up in the Philippines with 11 brothers and sisters, and instead of pursuing a doctorate he sent his younger siblings to college. He was a class valedictorian and has a B.S., cum – laude, in secondary mathematics education and a Master of Arts in Educational Management with Measurement, Evaluation, & Testing. He was a high school and college teacher in the Philippines for seven years. For the last 18 years he has worked in DC Public School, teaching AP Calculus AB, AP/PLTW/AFE Computer Science E, P, & A and Pre-Engineering. 

Aris is an immigrant, an English Language Learner, the first in his family to go to college, and was a working student who worked full time during the day and studied at night. 

He uses a flipped-classroom approach and project-based learning and has developed a variety of pedagogical strategies and teaching styles to engage especially his less accomplished students in underserved communities. His teaching has led to outstanding academic results. Under his tutelage his students have won numerous STEM competitions, passed and scored well in college – credit exams, received paid internships, led several student – centered initiatives, performed numerous community services, and were accepted in prestigious universities with full-ride scholarships. 

For his efforts to improve academic access for all students regardless of their background, Aris has won several local, national, and global awards, including the US Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science (including Computer Science) Teaching from the National Science Foundation and President Obama.


“A man is loved not for how he stands, but for how often he bends to teach, support, and comfort.”

Teaching Discipline(s)

Math and Career Technical Education



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2021 Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of The Year
2017 DC Public Schools & Cardozo Inspirational Educator Awardee
2016 World’s Top 50 of the Global Teacher Prize
2016 DC Educator of the Year Awardee
2016 UNIFIED National Outstanding Teacher Awards
2013 US Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST)
2013 DC AFCEA STEM Teacher of The Quarter
2011 National Siemens STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Fellow
2010 DC State Teacher of the Year Finalist
2009 DCPS and Washington Post’ Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher of the Year
2009 DCPS Teachers Central To Leadership Fellow
2009 DCPS Model of “Snapshots of Teaching”
2009 DC Ward 7 Education Council Presidential Award for Outstanding Educator of the Year
Awarded by the Student Government Association as the Best Teacher of H. D. Woodson SHS, SY 2004 – 2005
DCPS 2004 – 2005 Distinguished Educator and Grant Recipient for Excellence in Education Award
2005 Best Buy Teach DC Award
Recognized by the students in the DC Council Meeting for being a good teacher that was shown live thru local channel and was published by the Washington Post, 2007
Featured in different articles – magazines, newspaper, websites, educational media