Michael Pasimio

Junior Program Specialist

Michael's Story

As a junior in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, Michael is passionate about international development and youth education. He studies Science, Technology, and International Affairs, with the hopes of working for nonprofits that address the glaring educational inequity that faces students in the United States and the world.

Before The Pivotal Network, Michael devoted much of his time and studies to mentorship and education—serving in roles such as a Residential Assistant, SAT tutor, and college counselor.

After attending a dinner event at The Red House, The Pivotal Network’s parent organization, Michael was drawn to its mission—namely, helping Georgetown do its part to combat educational inequity and enhance the opportunities of first-generation low-income students.

Now, Michael serves as a Junior Program Assistant to The Pivotal Network, and with his work he brings a valuable student perspective to the pressing issue of undermatching.