College Professors

Forging new connections among educators to support first generation and lower-income students

The Pivotal Professor

College faculty play pivotal roles in the success of students throughout their collegiate careers. This is especially true for professors who engage with first year students. A student’s level of success and engagement during their first year of college can have a large impact on their academic performance, sense of belonging, and overall college experience. That is why we name the college faulty who choose to partner with us as ‘Pivotal Professors’. 

Pivotal Professors who teach first year courses are uniquely positioned to have a strong impact on how students acclimate to their new environment. We also recognize that these professors have the opportunity to inform high school teachers’ practices, while learning more about the backgrounds of their students in the process. 

Value of
The Pivotal Network
for College Professors

  • Participating college faculty and staff will gain a better understanding of high school education systems and courses, leading to an improvement in college curricula, especially first-year college courses.
  • Participating college faculty and staff, who often come from more advantaged backgrounds, will gain a better understanding of their lower-income students, leading to an improvement in college advising and mentoring.

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