Anthony Peña

Manager of Schools Operations & Support, Baltimore City Public Schools

Anthony's Story

Anthony Peña is a native of Massachusetts and graduated as Valedictorian from High School of Commerce.  With an access of over $200,000 in scholarship awards, he attended and graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in the School of Foreign Service. He worked as a campaign volunteer for President Obama’s campaign in 2008. He has been a teacher, mentor, and an administrator. He received a Master’s Degree in Urban Education from Johns Hopkins University in 2012. 

In addition to his work with the school system, he began a non-profit organization called Brothers In Action, Inc. which mentors young Black and Latino males in Baltimore. Anthony has been involved in addressing many community issues including the Baltimore uprising that took place in 2015.  He works with community leaders and youth to resolve conflict and bring peace. Anthony’s focus is always about leaving the world in a better place than he found it. 

In 2012, Anthony received the Young Alum award from Georgetown University’s Black Student Alliance. In 2017, he received an award for Outstanding Service at the EMMYs Awards in Maryland. He also was recognized by the Maryland General Assembly for his work in the community. In 2018, he was nominated for Baltimore’s Peacemaker of the Year Award. In 2019, Anthony received the Outstanding Leadership award from Elite Security Services, LLC. From University of Maryland Medical Center. 

In 2020, Anthony received the Blueprint award, the highest award in Baltimore City Public Schools, from the CEO and Chief of Schools for outstanding teamwork and leadership.