Anne Severson

Boston, Massachusetts

Anne's Story


“But this too is true: stories can save us.” ― Tim O’Brien

Teaching Discipline(s)


Anne Severson began teaching in the Boston Public Schools in 1990 and has been at the former South Boston Education Complex (currently Excel High School) since 1998. A nearly twenty-year run as the senior English teacher — all those college essays! — has been great fun and a great honor; she considers high school seniors to be the most wonderful and vulnerable, liminal people. During those years she partnered with four of her closest friends: these collaborations yielded curriculum units, hundreds of memories, dinners with students ten years after their graduation. 

Currently Anne is in a hybrid coaching-teaching position, and will be the full-time instructional coach next fall. Other work highlights include an adjunct faculty position at Emerson College and being a committee member for the Collegeboard Pre-AP ELA curriculum. Anne lives just outside of Boston with her husband, two children (one starting the college application process — yikes) and assorted animals. She and her dog can be spotted, most nights, walking around the neighborhood at eleven o’clock.