Alexa Eason

Research Associate

Alexa's Story

Alexa graduated in 2020 from Georgetown’s College with her Bachelor’s in African American Studies.  As a recent, first-generation college graduate herself, she now serves as the Research Associate for The Hub for Equity and Innovation in Higher Education.

During her time as an undergrad, Alexa found herself heavily invested in her identities and advocating for those who are often marginalized.

In 2018 Alexa applied to live on Magis Row at Georgetown – living learning communities established to focus on particular issues. She lived in the Women’s STAND House which provided a safe space for First-Generation Low-Income students to be able to share their experiences and build community with other FGLI students. She reapplied in 2019 to the Women’s STAND House. That same year she interned for a social justice organization called Heart Head Hands, LLC. During her time she focused on her own relationship toward an everyday living for justice in the hopes of bringing about change for others. 

This is also around the time she was hired to work for The Pivotal Network as a Junior Program Specialist. Now, as she transitions into her role as the Research Associate for The Pivotal Network, Alexa is overwhelmingly appreciative to be able to be a part of an initiative designed to serve students and teachers.